Clearing up channel clutter!

By now you know that all businesses (including yours!! ) must embrace a digital marketing strategy that extends beyond merely operating a Web site. But each digital marketing channel plays a different role as part of a broader overall strategy. Let’s look at how these individual channels – all of which are integrated and available through your solution – could be used specifically for a comprehensive digital marketing strategy!

Facebook is ideal for creating a community around a business or brand. Seek input from followers and friends, and let them carry relevant conversations, too!

Blogs allow you to establish yourself as an expert! For a business, this can mean weighing in on industry news or even discussing upcoming events within the company to demonstrate growth, credibility and expertise!

Sharing is the name of the game for Twitter! Send out links to articles, videos, images….anything! Twitter’s other primary role is quick customer service – respond in an instant to valued patrons with questions or comments!

Email Newsletters:
An email newsletter is perfect for sending out a call to action! Businesses can tell their opt-in email recipients all about upcoming store events, exclusive discounts, new menu items, product recommendations…the opportunities are nearly endless (especially at this time of year)!
[Pssst…remember to insert links to your Twitter and Facebook accounts in your e-newsletters for optimal results!]

Bear in mind, of course, that none of these channels have to be used solely for each purpose we listed here…this isn’t an exact science, and there’s bound to be some overlap! But as you and your clients move forward with social media, blogging and email, you’ll establish more specific goals and a better strategy ! if you decide at the outset which role each channel will play!
Did you know…

There’s no doubt about it – online retail is poised to do well this holiday season! Forrester research is predicting a 16% increase over last year! , projecting a full $52 billion spent on the Web!

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